ERF Elections

The ERF would like to officially announce the results of the December 2012 elections for its Executive Board. The Executive Board is formed by the Chair and five members who serve a three year term.

The Executive Board for the 2013-15 term will be:

Marc Helgesen (Chair)
Richard Day
Tom Robb
Peter Viney
Rob Waring
Junko Yamanaka

Since its creation the ERF has counted on the leadership and inspiration of its co-founder Prof Richard Day. Richard is a Professor at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and is well-known for his work in extensive reading. He is the co-editor of the scholarly journal Reading in a Foreign Language, and has travelled extensively to conduct workshops and presentations on reading and teacher development. He has now stepped down from his position to welcome Marc Helgesen as the new ERF Executive Board Chair.

Marc Helgesen is a Professor in the Department of Intercultural Studies at Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University, Sendai. He has taught in Japan since 1982, is the author of many ELT books and has been a very active member of the ERF Board since its foundation.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Richard for his years serving as the Chairman and for accepting to continue working on the Executive Board. We would also like to give a very warm welcome to Marc on his new role as the ERF Chair and wish him all the success in the busy years ahead.

The ERF is now entering its second decade. This year will see the 10th awarding of the Language Learner Literature Award in a very special ceremony at the 47th IATEFL Annual Conference in Liverpool in April and we are also looking forward to the 2nd World Congress in Seoul in September.



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