Free Reading Material

Visit for a selection of readers out of copyright as well as 1000’s of shorter readings that you can download and copy for your students.

Short stories and cloze activities from ESLFAST.COM and RONG-CHANG.COM

Here are a number of sets of short readings, from 50 to 100 words long in simple English that can be used with your students. They do, however, have some words relevant to U.S. culture that your students might not know. After you have printed the activity cards out, you can annotate difficult words on the cards or make a separate compilation of the difficult words so that students can read quickly.

For some sets, each card has a corresponding cloze activity that you can use with your students. You could even create individual record sheets so that they can keep track of which ones the have read and their scores on the cloze activities.

These activities have been offered to us by Prof. Rong Chang Lee, who offers these activities on and for students to use online. Unfortunately, the site does not provide any way for teachers to track their student progress, and there are also students who don’t have easy access to the Internet. For this reason, we have created these paper-based materials which you are free to copy and use in your classroom.

NOTE: Please do not post these files publicly on the Internet. Internet users can access the original site. The funds that Dr. Lee receives from his websites go towards scholarships for teachers, so we don’t want him to lose any of that valuable income!

Beginner Texts

Start Reading for Children (1) — Simple present tense, 50 words per passage for children to start reading
Set 1: 001-100  Cloze quizzes

Start Reading for Children (2) — 100 more 50-word passages for kids to improve English through reading
Set 2: 101-200  Cloze quizzes

Start Reading for Children (3) — 100 short essays to increase children’s English level
Set 3: 101-200  Cloze quizzes

Set 1: 001-200  Cloze quizzes

Intermediate level material
No cloze activities are provided here, but can be produced if requested.

English for Intermediate Learners (1)265 short stories

English for Intermediate Learners (2)100 additional stories

Another very useful and FREE resource is:

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