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Meng Huat Chau, George M. Jacobs, Jason Loh, Stuart McLean, Greg Rouault, Thomas N. Robb & Rob Waring

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In this bibliography, we have attempted to compile references and abstracts for works of various kinds related to the use of extensive reading as well as extensive listening in second language education. The term second language is intended to include foreign language and includes works in English on learners of other languages, as well. A small number of works on heritage language education are included. A heritage language can be defined as a language not used by the dominant culture, but used by the family or associated with the culture of the students’ heritage.

A Sample Entry

A Sample Entry

We compiled the bibliography, first of all, for ourselves, because we knew it would be useful for our own research, programme development, academic publications, conference papers and workshops, and courses we teach for teachers and for second language learners. Also, we hope it will save us time when people ask us about extensive reading. If the bibliography would benefit us, perhaps others too would benefit.

When it came to deciding what to include in the bibliography, our key criterion was accessibility. Therefore, we did not include dissertations, and conference papers have not been included unless available electronically. Nevertheless, we realize that those educationists without access to well-stocked libraries will still have difficulties obtaining all the works included in the bibliography. We have, however, included URLs whenever they were available. Our basic goal is to limit entries to those which clearly add new knowledge to the field.

There is a system for recommending new articles or books for inclusion in the bibliography at The Bibliography Archive Team will then take them into consideration. Only studies which clearly add new knowledge to the field are accepted. While anyone may access the bibliography, registered scholars, may “Like” specific abstracts as well as add constructive comments to existing entries. You may also request an account directly by contacting <> or by suggesting a new entry as mentioned above.

This bibliography is an on-going project that will, with your kind assistance, be updated at irregular intervals. We welcome feedback and additions. If you wish to suggest an addition, please send your suggestion to one of the archivists, including the citation information and the abstract.. We are actively seeking people to join us in maintaining the bibliography. Please contact us if you are interested.

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