The Extensive Reading Foundation awards grants for activities and projects that promote extensive reading. Applications for funding are solicited from individuals and institutions:

  1. to conduct research into the extensive reading approach
  2. to conduct projects that promote extensive reading
  3. to support the creation of model extensive reading programs.

Funds for such grants come from a variety of sources, including the royalties from the book Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching Language, edited by Julian Bamford and Richard R. Day, (Cambridge University Press, 2004),, donations from publishers of Language Learner Literature, and the proceeds of ERF-sponsored conferences.

Before applying, applicants are encouraged to read the ERF’s Guide to Extensive Reading, available as a free download on which sets out the principles and practice of extensive reading.

Applications are eligible for projects in all regions of the world except for those countries classified as “high income” by the World Bank.

Preference is given to projects that will reach beyond the group requesting the funds, by setting a model that will inspire others.

A final report of projects funded by the ERF should be sent to the Grants Committee within three months of the projected date of completion.

Application form

Download the form here . (MS Word, A4 format)

Grant reports

Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand

Namaste Orphanage, Nepal

Kathmandu Valley Project, Nepal


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