ERF 2021 Annual Report

Despite travel restrictions and teachers being busier than ever with their online work, the ERF has made considerable progress in 2021! Here is a bulleted list of topics mentioned in the full report, which you can download here.

  • The Language Learner Literature Awards were announced online instead at a physical event.
  • The ERF Annotated Bibliography now has over 800 searchable entries.
  • In conjunction with IERA and the U.S. Embassy, we have completed a series of workshops and webinars.
  • New websites have been created collecting links to free material.
  • ERAW-2021 was a great success and more is in store with ERAW-2022.
  • The ER-MOOC has started with participants from 8 countries.
  • MReader is being updated for better convenience and functionality.
  • Our publisher/sponsors have all stayed on board for another year.
  • We are growing more branches (affiliates) including Mongolia (MERA) and TERA (Thailand).
  • We conducted our tri-annual elections resulting in a slight change in the Executive Board membership.

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