ERAW draws huge online crowd!

The ERF’s first worldwide online event, “Extensive Reading Around the World 2021” was an amazing success with over 750 registered participants attending their own choice of more than 110 sessions that were offered during the 5-day event. In addition to the advertised 3-day conference, Friday through Sunday, there were workshops on the days before and after as well as some other special events.

Flash card use can speed up vocabulary growth.

Dr. Paul Nation delivered his keynote address on August 15 focusing on how vocabulary can be enhanced through extensive reading. His talk, as well as many of the others are available now for anyone to view at

The videos are captioned and with an automatic transcript available from the “…” menu. The presentations that were automatically saved while being streamed are located at:

Due to the current pandemic scourge, the ERF Board as decided to delay our bi-annual “Extensive Reading World Congress” until 2023, while holding yet another ERAW event during 2022. The dates and schedule for presentation submissions will be announced soon.

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