Winners of the 2022 LLL Awards Announced


The winning books for the ERF’s annual Language Learning Literature Awards were announced by Cory Koby at ERAW2022. The winning titles are briefly displayed below. Please see the full announcement under Awards & Grants.

Very Young Learners: Martha and the Tiger Party; by Jane Cadwallader, ELI
Young Learners: Spring Country; By Adam Kardos, AAS Press
Adolescent & Adult: Beginner: Our Water, Our World by Jane Cadwallader, ELI
Adolescent & Adult: Elementary: Trafficked by Catriona Chalmers & Ann Mayeda, ABAX
Adolescent & Adult: Intermediate: Identity by Matthew Cotter. ABAX
Adolescent & Adult: Upper Int & Advanced: The Hound of the Baskervilles, Adapted by Jeremy Page, OUP

Congratulations to all Winners and Finalists!

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