The Extensive Reading Foundation’s Guide to Extensive Reading

The guide introduces Extensive Reading and :

  • explains what ER is
  • explains why it is so vital to language learning
  • explains what graded readers are
  • shows how to set up and manage an Extensive Reading program
  • shows how it complements intensive reading
  • explains how to assess and evaluate the reading
  • illustrates how some graded reader series complement each other
  • introduces the ERF Graded Reading Scale
  • shows how to do Extensive Listening

….. and much much more

This guide is free to download and can be distributed freely but only in the full PDF form as distributed. Individual users are permitted to print copies for their own use. Copyright of the full guide remains with the ERF. The guide may not be used for any commercial gain whatsoever.

The Extensive Reading Foundation wish to extend their thanks to the following publishers who contributed to the costs of designing the Guide without favor; Cambridge University Press, Heinle Cengage, Macmillan Educational, Oxford University Press and Pearson / Penguin.

The Guide can be downloaded from the  “Resources” section.

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