The ERF Roadshow, Indonesia 2019 Edition

Following the success of the ERF “Roadshow” series in Vietnam and Indonesia in 2018, IERA in conjunction with the U.S. Regional English Language Office in Jakarta, will conduct a 10-day workshop in 5 cities in Indonesia from 24 April through 6 May. Marc Helgesen, Tom Robb and Lhaksmita Anandari will be joined by other IERA core members (Yuseva, Anita, Lanoke, Fenty, Ariana, and Ivonne) for a compelling set of “Why” and “How to” sessions on Extensive Reading. The audience will consist of university and secondary teachers, librarians as well as local American Peace Corps volunteers. See the two posters below for further details.

Roadshow-Bandung Roadshow-Jakarta

Click on a poster to see a larger version!

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