2018 Indonesia Roadshow Wows the Audiences

The 2018 Indonesian Extensive Reading Roadshow has successfully concluded, having reached nearly 1000 during its 6 days of events. See the schedule below. “Contagious energy” was the summary offered by Lanoke Paradita (3rd from left).


The entire crew in a lighter moment.

Practice ccessing ER websites

Practice accessing ER websites

1. Introducing the right concept of Extensive Reading and why it is important
2. Introducing some good websites of graded readers (er-central, Xreading, etc)
3. Introducing the ERF website and the official website of IERA: iera-extensivereading.id
4. Introducing and inviting the participants to join the IERA FB group and have discussion on ER there.
5. Sharing good practices on implementing ER in Indonesian setting
– Yuseva Iswandari: Helping setting up ER in some schools and possible follow-up activities after doing ER
– Lanoke Paradita: Implementing ER in non-English department classes
– Anita Kurniawati: Implementing ER in English classes where ER is included in the curriculum (ER class)
6. Inviting participants to participate on the ERF lucky draw to win 1.000.000 IDR book donation


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