Students getting excited about reading in Ecuador!


The ERF provided Vicky Allen a grant for $3000 to purchase both books and tablets so that her students could you MReader to take quizzes.  It was frustrating at first due to the poor connectivity, but “because our directors were determined to implement extensive reading into the school, they were willing to invest their money into getting reliable Internet for our reading program and it now finally works!”

“Back in February, there were only two classes using it, even with the poor Internet, and then two more classes joined before the end of the quimester when the new Internet was up and running. In one of the original classes, seven young Indigenous adult women read a total of 147 books. All of these students moved from Level 1 books to Level 3 or 4! In the other class, which was comprised of adults, the attendance fluctuated greatly so the individual results were a bit different. The adults still read a total of 84 books and they became very excited when they passed the MReader quizzes! The motivation of these online quizzes is obvious with all ages!”

See her entire report here.

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