Reading Amount and Library Calculator

The Extensive Reading Foundation Reading Amount and Library Calculator

This tool has been made to show how many words, books and hours at given reading speeds that students need to read at each level of the ERF Graded Reader Scale. The calculations are based on covering all the headwords at a given level 20 times. (20 was chosen as most research suggests between 10-30 meetings, some of which will be intentional and some incidental). If you feel the figure is less, then downgraded the reading amounts and times, os if you feel it is higher, increase the books and hours as necessary.

The lower part is a simple calculator for teachers to guestimate how many books they will need for X number of students at a given level.  Note that even if they only have one student at a given level that student still need to read the set amount and this is reflected in the statistics. Two examples are given.  You can download ERF Library Calculator as a PDF.



  • This is only for the learning of the family headword and its inflections and SOME derivatives
  • It does not include the different meaning senses.
  • This does not include phrases or two or three part verbs, sentences heads, sayings, proverbs, two-part words etc.




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