Language Learner Literature Award

In 2004, the Extensive Reading Foundation established the Language Learner Literature Award for graded readers in English. The Award is annual, for books published in the previous year. The Award aims to support the development of language learner literature in English, and to encourage extensive reading in language education.

An international jury selects the finalist (shortlisted) books from among those nominated by publishers. Teachers and students are encouraged to read the finalist books, and to vote for and comment on their favorites. Voting is on this website during the months of May, June and July. The jury chooses the winning books taking into account votes cast. The winners are announced at the end of August on this site, in the ELT press, and at language teaching conferences around the world. Publishers can display the Award logo on the covers of their finalist and winning books.

These awards are conferred each year on books that are selected for their outstanding overall quality and likely enduring appeal. An international jury makes the final choices, taking into account the Internet votes of students, teachers and others from around the world.

A complete list of LLL Award winners and finalists can be found here.

Publishers, please see this link for further information.


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