Know before you go


  • Before entering Indonesia, check the status of your passport and the type of visa you need. Some passports can get a Visa on Arrival (VoA). You can also pre-book your visa here.
  • Consider bringing  COVID vaccination certificates – currently, they are not needed, but things may change at any time.
  • Pack any graded readers you do not need to donate to the ERF Big Book Giveaway raffle. Keep them in your bag. If you have them in a separate box you may be quizzed by Customs who may believe you are bringing in books for a school and thus they will require you to obtain a special letter from the school.
  • Bring a copy of your passport page. You might need it!


  • Before you go through customs, you need to complete the online Customs Declaration which will generate a QR code for you to show Customs.
  • Get a local SIM card for your phone. They are quite pricey inside the airport (around 250,000 IDR/US$16.50) for 7G. If you stay at the Aston (conference venue and hotel) there is nowhere to get a SIM card nearby so get your SIM card at the airport or in Kuta/ Seminyak (which will likely be a little cheaper). You can use wifi at the hotel but with a full house, it may be somewhat slow.
  • Change some money at the airport when you arrive so you can pay for the taxi – there are a few ATMs near the Aston, but they are a 5-8 minute walk and are closed at times. The Denpasar Airport exchange rates are much better than in Japan (for example), but you can do even better in the tourist areas of Denpasar.
  • Take a Bluebird taxi to the hotel (they use the meter, or you can haggle with the drivers at the airport and possibly pay as much as triple). There is a taxi stand – but if you go upstairs to the Departures area, you won’t need to haggle. Expect to pay at least 50-80,000 to Kuta and Seminyak, and 100-150,000 to the Aston in Denpasar. You can also walk over to the Domestic terminal of the airport where the taxis are generally cheaper.
  • You can use Grab or GoJek (download the apps) but only the Premium Grab taxis (400,000 IDR to the Aston) are available at the airport.
  • You can pre-arrange a ride through many of the sites available on the Internet. Here is one that we found, for your reference. The ERF, however, cannot provide any guarantee concerning this information:

People staying at the hotel

  • The hotel may ask you to complete a QR code registration form (however that adds you to their email list).
  • There are a few ATMs a 5-8 minute walk away depending on which one is open.
  • The nearest restaurants are a taxi ride away or a long walk. Pomodoro, an Italian restaurant, is 1.2km away, and a Starbucks-like cafe is 800m away, both along treacherous sidewalks.
  • There is a convenience store opposite the hotel with packaged snack food and drinks (no meals to speak of).
  • Alcohol is not served at the hotel. You can buy alcohol at the convenience store and bring it to the hotel, but please consume it in your room and be discrete.
  • The hotel restaurant will serve some vegetarian and vegan options – lets us know your requirements asap so we can pass them on to the hotel.
  • If you register your credit card on arrival, you can charge meals and laundry to your room.

People NOT staying at the Aston

  • You will need transport to the site each day and transport back to your accommodation. Expect 40-60 minutes to and from Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak during rush hours.  Bluebird taxi or Grab is 100-150,000 IDR each way (so it might just be best if you stay at the Aston Hotel to save time and costs).
  • You can use the Aston hotel luggage storage service on the 10th if you had checked out of your hotel that morning 

Presenters and attendees

  • There will be a ‘welcome reception’ (with some finger food) at the Aston Hotel on the evening of the 7th where you can register.
  • Please collect your registration package on arrival.
  • If you wish to be in the raffle for the Big Graded Reader Giveaway, put your raffle ticket in the raffle box at Registration.
  • Please wear your lanyard at all times.
  • Please check the schedule at the site for any changes.
  • Please start and finish your presentations on time.
  • A photocopy and print service will be available at a cost (about 1000 IDR per sheet).
  • Wifi is available onsite.
  • An IT assistant is available.
  • Presentation rooms have screens and projectors with HDMI connections. 


  • Breakfast is included in the Aston room price (only for hotel guests).
  • Lunch and coffee/tea on the 8th 9th and 10th are included in your registration fee. All food is Halal compliant. (Attendees requiring vegan or vegetarian options should let the conference organizers know.)
  • You should arrange your own dinners (the hotel restaurant’s food is good or it is a 40-minute taxi ride to the popular Kuta and Seminyak areas.)
  • There will be a Gala dinner on the evening of the 9th (at extra cost). More information with a link soon!