Accommodation in Denpasar

The ERWC6 committee has made arrangements with ILEF Edu Tours in Denpasar to take care of hotel reservations for participants for those that wish to avail themselves of their services.

Please note that August is the “high season” for tourism in Bali, so prices are generally higher and it may be difficult to reserve nearby hotels at the last minute.

Through ILEF, we have reserved 80 rooms at the Aston Hotel and Convention Center, Denpasar at a special low rate for the main days of the event. We expect that these rooms will be filled quickly since participants will not need to worry about transportation to the conference. You will be there already!

ILEF Edu Tours has also provided some other options, including an option to add additional days onto the above-mentioned Aston Hotel reservations. For any of these other options, ILEF will send you an invoice with payment instructions. Note that all offers here include free breakfast.

All of the listed hotels may be reserved on the same form, available from this link.

Room Charges

The rates below (effective 16 April, 2023) have been raised slightly to reflect an 8% strengthening of the Indonesian Rupiah.

Special Aston packages:

August 7 check in; August 11 Checkout  (4 nights) USD $160 (includes PayPal’s surcharge)

August 8 check in; August 11 Checkout  (3 nights) USD $125 (includes PayPal’s surcharge)

Other hotel requests handled by ILEF tours

Aston Hotel, days prior to or after special package dates: USD $45/night

Harris Hotel (12 minute walk to the Aston) USD $50/night

POP! Hotel (12 minute walk to the Aston) USD $35/night

Nirmala Hotel  (15 minutes by taxi) USD $29/night

Payment Procedure

Special Aston Packages:

Pay the required amount by PayPal, using a credit card, to the account of

Other hotel requests

Select the desired hotel and nights. You will receive an invoice from ILEF Tours with the total amount required and payment information.