The Big Book Giveaway!

We plan to have a “giveaway” of graded readers, both old and new, as part of the ER World Congress.

Do you have any old graded readers you do not need any more that are clogging up your office? The ERF is soliciting graded readers to be given away at a “Big Graded Reader Raffle” at the 6th World Congress in Denpasar. The books will be donated to attendees to start their own libraries. If you have any new or second-hand graded readers (or teachers books on ER) that you no longer need and are in good condition, please consider donating them to the raffle.
You, or a friend can carry the books to Denpasar yourself, mail the books to the site, OR (least preferred and for donors in Japan only) mail them to the ERF who will take them as excess baggage. If you would like to donate some books, please complete this form to let us know your intention. We will contact you around May / June with details. Thank you!!