All presenters are invited to publish a paper for the Proceedings. Papers should follow APA 6 style and be within 4000 words. The word count includes figures, tables, and references, but excludes title, abstract and any appendices.

The deadline is 31st October 2019. All papers will be reviewed by the editors and blind-reviewed by at least two peers. To aid in the timely review and publication of papers, we ask that authors also be available to review two papers for content and clarity during November 2019 and be prepared to make revisions on their own papers by early 2020.

Presenters and other participants are also encouraged to help with reviewing and proofreading of the proceedings. To do this, please register here:, checking “Yes, request the Reviewer role”.

Papers should not have been published elsewhere.

Figures should be sent as separate files.

Tables should be sent within the document, or in excel or other spreadsheet format.

Papers should be sent in via the Journal of Extensive Reading site:

  1. Go to
  2. Login or register
  3. Click “Make a submission”
  4. Click “Make a new submission”
  5. Under “Section” select: “Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings”
  6. Check the boxes, then follow the steps to upload the paper and add metadata
  7. Don’t forget to click “Finish Submission” in the Confirmation tab

Additional directions in the form of a template can be found here. Please read and follow them carefully when preparing your submission.