Getting there

Information about the Sun Moon Lake excursion at the foot of this page!


  Taichung means “center of Taiwan.” Taoyuan International Airport is in the north of Taiwan and it’s about 45 minutes by HSR (hi-speed rail) or two hours by direct bus to Taichung. The city is considered a culture and arts center and is home to four major universities, among them Feng Chia University. It’s also thought to have the best weather anywhere on the island, but August will be hot, sunny, with typhoons undoubtedly dancing somewhere off the eastern coast. Things are quite casual here, so dress accordingly.

Visitors from many countries are eligible for visa-exempt entry to Taiwan. Check the following link for additional details:

International Arrivals
Taichung does have a small international airport, so conference participants may want to check if it is possible to reach Taichung by direct flight. From the airport, take a taxi to your hotel-but make sure you have the address in Chinese!

Most will arrive at Taoyuan. From here you can reach Taichung by Taiwan’s HSR or by bus. To reach the nearest HSR station in Taoyuan you have two options: MRT or shuttle bus. There’s really little difference in costs or time. Whether you arrive in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, just follow the signs to the airport MRT station. Buy a ticket for Taoyuan HSR station at one of the easy to use self-serve kiosks. When you arrive, follow the signs to the HSR ticket window and purchase a ticket for Taichung (NT $540-US $17.50). Staff are quite fluent in English. Upon arrival in Taichung, follow the signs to the taxi stand and take a taxi direct to your hotel. Make sure you have the address in Chinese. Fare should be NT $250-300.

If you wish to take the shuttle bus, the procedure is quite similar. Follow the well-marked signage to the shuttle bus station, purchase a ticket (NT $30) and alight at the Taoyuan HSR station and proceed to the HSR ticketing windows.

  Your second option is direct bus. Follow airport signs to the bus station and purchase a ticket for Taichung. We recommend using UBus (NT $280-US $9.00) Specify that you want to alight at “Chao Ma station (朝馬站)”-this is the stop closest to Feng Chia University and your hotel. After alighting you will see plenty of taxi drivers offering their service. Show your hotel address-again, in Chinese. Taxi drivers always use the meter and the fare should be around NT $100.
Conference Venue: Feng Chia University
No. 100, Wenhua Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, 407台中市西屯區文化路100號407
FCU was established in 1961 and is now recognized as one of the top private universities in Taiwan. It has an enrollment of about 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The school consists of nine colleges and 33 academic departments and has international partnerships with Purdue University and San Jose State University in the US, RMIT in Australia, and the University of Zaragoza in Spain.


  The Feng Chia Night Market, one of Taiwan’s most popular traditional night markets, begins right at the university’s front gate. All of Taiwan’s famous street food snacks can be sampled on a tour through its winding streets. Scattered among the food stalls you will also find a selection of stores and stands selling clothing, electronics, shoes, souvenirs, and other goods. The area also teems with restaurants, cafes, tea shops, and convenience stores. You won’t go hungry.
  Within an hour or so drive from Taichung you can visit such mountain resorts as Sun Moon Lake, Guguan, Nanzhuang, or Big Snow Mountain. You can also visit Taiwan’s former capital city of Lukang. A two hour drive will bring you to He Huan Mountain and in three to four hours you can reach resorts like Lishan (Pear Mountain), Fenchihu, and Alishan. Of course, a night or two in Taipei before returning home is ideal for seeing all the historical, cultural, and panoramic sites available there.

There are just a few seats left for the excursion to Sun Moon Lake on August 13. The Taiwan English Extensive Reading Association (TEERA) will host this event at a very reasonable cost of NT$1000 (about US$35/JPY4000) including transportation and a tour boat ride on the lake. Please register ASAP to take advantage of this great opportunity! Contact Michael McCollister at the following email, providing you name, passport number and birthdate: michael<atmark>