New hotels seem to open in the FCU area by the week, from 4-star hotels to small inns and budget hostels. You are sure to find something in your price range within walking distance of the university. On a site like Agoda, use the Xitun District to help filter your search. Select lodging within 1km of Feng Chia and you’ll be set. The list below is not a recommended list per se, but all receive high ratings and are within a 10-minute walk of campus and 5 minute taxi ride from Chao Ma bus station (朝馬站).

In One City Inn 台中逢甲文華道會館 台中市西屯區文化路138巷31號
Beacon Hotel 碧根行館 台中市西屯區復星路427號
Green Hotel 葉綠宿旅館 台中市西屯區西屯路二段287號
Le Parker Hotel 黎客商旅 台中市西屯區至善路234巷16號
In Sky Hotel 台中逢甲星享道酒店 台中市西屯區復星北路18號
Explore Hotel 探索私旅 台中市西屯區漢祥路3號
Chase Walker Hotel 鵲糸旅店 台中市西屯區復星路230號
Feng Chia INNK Hotel 逢甲隱和旅 台中市西屯路二段272-16號
Hotel 7 Taichung Hotel 7 逢甲 台中市西屯區復星北路45號
Story+ Hotel 时光对白旅栈 台中市西屯區復興北三街35號