CALL for Proposals

The proposal submission process is closed.

Extensive Reading Foundation announces the Call for Proposals for the Fourth Extensive Reading World Congress, to be held on the Hongo Campus of Toyo Gakuen University, Tokyo, Japan. The World Congress gathers all those involved with the extensive reading approach – students, teachers, scholars, writers and publishers – under one roof for a conference dedicated purely to extensive reading. Proposals for

  • Papers (45 minutes),
  • Short Papers (20 minutes)
  • Symposia (105 minutes),
  • Workshops (2-3 hours) and
  • Poster Sessions
should be submitted via the ERWC4 proposal website by 28  February 2017:
Proposals are encouraged within the sub-themes below, but are not limited to them:
Adapting texts
Affect & Motivation
Book management issues
Class readers
Comprehensible Input Hypothesis
Extensive Listening
How to . . .
Internet & E-media
L2 learning
Language learner literature
Languages other than English
Learner autonomy
Non-linear reading
Programme evaluation
Publishing issues
Rating scales & progress measurement
Reading ability
Reading for academic purposes
Reading for beginners
Reading in an electronic age
Reading materials
Reading speed
Reluctant readers
Student-made reading materials
Theoretical issues
Using L1 readers with L2 students
Writing reading materials
Younger learners
Applicants will be notified of the status of their proposals by 1 April 2017. Those who require an earlier decision in order to arrange financing may request the same by contacting the committee.

Exhibitors, please use for your submissions. (Access instructions will be sent to each publisher. Contact if you have not received your credentials.) Deadline for inclusion in preliminary programme: 31 May 2017.