The Great Book Giveaway — at the Final Panel

The ERWC4 will close with a colossal graded reader giveaway.  The books will be raffled off in the sets that you see below. All hopefuls will be asked to place their name badge in a raffle box at the entrance to the main hall. Two lottery boxes will be there — one for those living in Japan, and another for those overseas, and the lottery will alternate between the two.  Winners will get to pick their desired set from whichever are still left (except for Philip Prowse’s Huge Stash, which goes to an overseas participant in the final draw).

All of these sets are being donated by private individuals — mainly slightly used reference copies, NOT by publishers. If you have 30+ books that you would like to donate, please write to with a picture of your stash! Please don’t bring the books to Tokyo. Afterwards you will receive the address to send the books to. Just ship them off, and send a scan of your receipt and bank details to the above email address.

Grand Prize: Philip Prowse’s Huge Stash (designated for overseas participants)


Rob Waring’s Giveaway


BlackCat Green Apple series


Penguin Kids — Mainly Disney-based stories


Penguin low level books


Penguin Intermediate level books.


Penguin & Macmillan Advanced Level Books


Multi-path + OUP Read & Discover

Leveled Readers

Oxford Bookworms Stages 4, 5 & 6

Oxford Bookworms Stages Starter, 1, 2 & 3

Variety Set #1