IERA Co-Sponsors Weekly Zoom Seminars


The Indonesian Extensive Reading Foundation, in cooperation with a number of other entities including the American Corner at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, the American Embassy in Jakarta, Sanata Dharma University and the ERF, has been holding a series of 2-hour Zoom seminars, inviting speakers from within Indonesia as well as scholars from abroad as speakers. Each session attracted from 150 to 300 participants. All of the sessions are available in their entirety on Facebook.

The first three sessions, cleverly named “NgabubuRead” (“ngabuburit” means a traditional afternoon leisure activity during Ramadan) with the next five webinars, named “vERtual TALK” were sponsored by the American Corner at UMY with the Sanata Dharma team extending the series further. Future sessions will be organized by other universities. Each speaker’s PowerPoint and a summary of the Q&A for each session is available here, with thanks going to Lanoke Intan Paradita for compiling the full document.

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