Useful Sites

All these sites are useful for teachers, and some can be used independently by learners. It all depends on the learner level. I’ll continue to update the page and welcome any gems you may happen to find.

1. Elllo (Online Listening)

This is an excellent site, which, as its title suggests, focuses on listening, but there are transcripts of the listenings provided. Useful graded material for teachers on a myriad of topics, with comprehension and vocabulary exercises too, but learners can use it independently, or as advised by their teachers.

2. New York Times Learning Network (Reading)

Another excellent site, focusing on current events and concerns. There are pages for teachers and learners, but because of the level of English, weaker learners would benefit from teacher guidance.


This is a complete site, with texts from those for absolute beginners, to a few with 8000 headwords. This is great news for teachers who are searching for texts to bridge the gap between most graded readers and texts for native speakers. Most GR series end at around 3000 headwords.  Students can track their reading progress and there are optional quizzes. Very useful.

4. Very Commonly-Heard Proverbs and Old Sayings (Proverbs)

This is a quiz for which students would need a good knowledge of proverbs and sayings.

5. Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab (Listening)

There are a large number of listenings on all sorts of topics, with quizzes and pre and post listening exercises. Very user friendly for students and teachers could use it too. As all the voices I have heard so far seem to be American, as are the situations, most useful for overseas students in the US or who plan to go there.

6. ITESL-J: Listening

This gives links to a variety of listening topics. They do not seem to be graded. But an excellent feature is a link to the Voice of America (VOA) which gives absolutely up to date news. There are other links to games, quizzes, jokes, language exercises: definitely worth investigating for teachers and learners.


This is a sub-page of
The Internet TESL Journal’s
Links of Interest to Teachers and Students of English as a Second Language. A wide variety of topics including famous American speeches. Not graded. One or two don’t actually work.

8. BBC Learning English

A series of little playlets and dialogues introducing specific vocabulary for particular situations; the first one is about keeping secrets. This time the situations and accents are British. Graded.

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