The ERF invites organizations to become ERF Affiliates.


The benefits of being an ERF Affiliate include:

1. The use of the ERF’s name in advertising and publicity

2. Access to a wealth of information on ER

3. The right to apply to have the ERF Guide to ER translated into a local language

4. The right to a seat on the ERF’s Affiliate Advisor Board. A, Affiliate’s Chair’s tenure on the ERF Affiliate Advisor Board is the same as the duration that person’s tenure as the Chair of the Affiliate organization.

5. Assistance in setting up and management of an ER Affiliate


The Affiliate organization:

1. should be primarily focused on second and foreign language learning (e.g. EFL/ESL Associations and Foundations).

2. should focus on the local or regional promotion of ER

3. should send the ERF an annual report on the Affiliate’s activities, achievements and forthcoming plans to be out on the ERF website

4. should maintain a website with information regarding the Affiliate’s bylaws, management structure, election procedures etc.

5. will hold periodic elections for the main positions in the Affiliate



1. ERF Affiliates need not pay fees to the ERF

2. the Chair / President of the ERF Affiliate will automatically be appointed to the ERF Affiliate Advisory Board for the duration of their term of service.

3. The ERF reserves the right to suspend or cancel ERF Affiliate status

4. the Affiliate is allowed to display the ERF logo on its website and promotional materials when stating it is an ERF Affiliate

Applicants can apply by email to at any time by submitting the following documents.

1. An outline of the organization, its membership, finances, structure, activities, Board members and so on

2. A document outlining the reasons why the organization should be an ERF Affiliate

3. A 2-5 year plan for its activities once it becomes an Affiliate.

4. Anything else that might support its case


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