Invited Workshops

Making a Strong Commitment to Reading-Fluency Training
Fredricka L. Stoller
Northern Arizona University
Friday, 18 September 14:00~14:50 Auditorium

Good readers are fluent readers. Sadly, the language learners in our classrooms typically read too slowly to be good readers. Research has shown that fluency contributes to students’ reading-comprehension abilities, yet fluency training is often neglected in our classrooms. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the key elements of reading fluency and then explore a range of reading-fluency tasks that can be easily incorporated into our classes.

Mixing ER and EL into a perfect blend
Dr. Willy A Renandya
National Institute of Education
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Saturday, 19 September 15:30~16:20 Auditorium

Classroom instruction, while useful, can only produce limited effects on L2 learning. Because of this, ELT experts have for a long time suggested that in-class instruction should be supplemented with out of class language learning activities aimed at providing learners with rich and varied comprehensible language input. One excellent way of doing this is through extensive reading (ER) and extensive listening (EL) activities. In this workshop, I will describe the language learning benefits of ER and EL, which include enhanced vocabulary and grammar knowledge, better word recognition skills, higher comprehension skills and more positive attitudes towards L2 learning. I will then provide practical ideas on how English teachers can start an ER/EL programme in their schools or language centres and discuss the following:

• how to select relevant ER/EL materials;
• how to motivate students to read in quantity on their own
• how to organize ER/EL activities
• how to monitor student progress

This practical workshop is intended for English teaching professionals who wish to learn more about the power of input-based learning and how ER and EL activities can substantially improve their students’ reading and listening skills and also their general English language proficiency.

Refereed Workshops

How to Make Quizzes for the Moodle Reader Quiz Module
Barry Keith
Gunma University
Friday, 18 September 10:00~10:50 B250

The Moodle Reader Quiz Module ( and MReader (, are effective tools for tracking progress in an ER program. This presentation describes how the Moodle Reader works and the procedure for making quizzes. Attendees can try their hand at making quizzes for easy graded readers.

Flash Writing
Samah Amer, Heba Abdel Atey
Amideast, Cairo
Friday, 18 September 15:30~16:20 B223

Writing is usually an individual activity done in or out of the class. The flash writing is an opportunity for students to work together to create a creative piece of writing. It integrates the four major skills with focus on writing.

Raising a Reader in the Arab World
Ghassoub Mustafa
Dubai Women’s College
Saturday, 19 September 13:00~14:20 Main Hall 1: L115

This session tackles the severe lack of reading among Arab students from all ages. It presents a concise background to the problem presenting the causes and the negative consequences on the teaching and learning situation. Besides, the presenter provides strategies and techniques that can motivate learners to read.

Reading Circles & the Authentic Reading Experience:
Samah Amer, Heba Abdel Atey
Amideast, Cairo
Sunday, 20 September 13:00~13:50 Main Hall 2: L217

The reading experience in schools rarely produces avid readers who will read for their own pleasure. The literature circles create an authentic and interesting reading experience for students as everything is up to them in these circles with a minimal interference from the teacher.