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Key to Sessions2





Flash Writing (Samah Amer et al)
How to Make Quizzes for the Moodle Reader Quiz Module (Barry Keith)
Raising a Reader in the Arab World (Ghassoub  Mustafa)
Reading Circles & the Authentic Reading Experience (Samah Amer et al))

Full Papers

(M-Reader + Reading Challenge) x Digital Devices = Extensive Reading Success (Leah Lane et al)
Abridging Contemporary Arabic Literature to Promote Extensive Reading (Laila Familiar)
An Evaluation of Progress Measurement Options for ER Programs (York Weatherford et al)
An Introduction to MReader for Confirming Students’ Extensive Reading (Thomas Robb)
Building Automaticity and L2 Working Memory Through Extensive Reading (Amanda Gillis-Furutaka)
Developing and Teaching ESP and Extensive Reading Courses for Post High School Students (Michael O’Malley)
Developing L2 Listening Fluency through Extensive Listening: A longitudinal study (Anna C-S Chang)
ER in an Intensive ESL Program: Benefits and Limitations (Doreen Ewert)
Extensive Reading at Work: An ER Approach to Employee Training of Small Business (Kiyomi Okamoto et al)
Follow-up activities for class readers (Thomas Robb)
Getting an Extensive Reading Program in a Large Institution: History and Pitfalls (David Moran et al)
Guided Journeys: A different kind of rereading task (Marc Helgesen)
How Effective is Extensive Reading to Enhance EFL Learners’ Syntactic Competence? (Kiyomi Yoshizawa et al)
Longitudinal Case Study of a 7-year Long ER Program (Hitoshi Nishizawa et al)
No books, no problem… extensive reading with a virtual library (Paul Goldberg)
Options for Online Extensive Listening (Paul Goldberg)
Portfolios as a Tool to Assess Extensive Reading and Language Learners´ Autonomy (Marテュa del Carmen Castillo Salazar et al)
Promoting Critical Thinking Ability through Extensive Reading Activities in Indonesia (Nida Husna)
Promoting Extensive Listening in or out of the Adult Language Classroom (Doreen Ewert)
Quality of Reading: What Makes Success in Extensive Reading (Kyoko Uozumi et al)
Readers Theater as a Didactic Experience with Asian Students in a Public University in Central Mexico (Leticia Piantzi Varela et al)
Reading, Emiratisation, and Globalisation (Anthony Solloway)
Rethinking SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) (Marc Helgesen)
Targeting reluctant English learners with interactive stories (Lesley Ito)
Testing the Test: Online Readability Tools for Classroom Purpose (John Michael Villar Faller)
The Effect of Extensive Reading in a College in Fujairah, UAE (James Ishler et al)
The Effect of Locus of Control on Learning Performance (Edith Flahive)
The ERF Placement Test (Mark Brierley)
The Greatest Gift is a Passion for Reading, But How Can it be Created? (Omar Al Noursi)
The Initial Effects of an Extensive Reading Program on Japanese University Students (Aaron P Campbell et al)
The Moodle Reader Quiz Quality Assurance Project (Frith Jennings)
The Reading Challenge (Melanie Gobert et al)
The Three Approaches to Extensive Reading: Advantages and Disadvantages (Paul Woodfall)
Why ER? Seven Reasons for Students and Teachers (Mark Brierley)

Short Papers

A Case Study of the characteristics between the Eye Movement and the Reading Comprehension while students read English a (Takayoshi Yoshioka et al)
A Classic Case: Why the classics still resonate with students (Janet Olearski)
A Longitudinal Study of an Extensive Reading program: What Factors Help Students Read One Million Words per Year for the (Satomi Shibata et al)
A Mixed Methods Study of Reading Rate: Graded Readers vs. Reading Rate Tests (Michael Misner)
Assessing Extensive Reading in Japanese: Current Issues and Future Direction (Tomoko Watanabe)
Blending Graded Readers and Native Speaker Material (Matthew Claflin)
Do Students’ Learning Styles Influence their ER? (Atsuko Ueda et al)
Does Extensive Reading Help Raise IELTS Scores (Thomas Le Seelleur)
Does Intensive Reading or Extensive Reading contribute more toward language improvement in Romanian students? (Carmen Neagu)
Effective ER programs are not built in a semester! (Richard Walker)
Effects of Extensive Reading on Japanese Language Learning (Eri Banno et al)
EPER levels and comfort zones for Japanese university students in non-English major (Naoko Kawakita)
Exploring Teacher’s Practice and Impacts of Extensive Reading on Japanese EFL University Students (Hitomi Yoshida)
Extensive Reading Activities in Reading Skills of College Freshmen (Arlene Salve-Opina et al)
Extensive Reading and Non-linear Reading while using internet:: EFL Practice in Context in Junior High School Level ( Leticia Piantzi Varela et al)
Extensive reading for EFL students: simply not an option (Scott Daly et al)
Extensive Reading in College Asian Literature Classes and Students’ Reading & Literary Appreciation Skills: An Action Re (Perly Gaborno-Ilustre)
Extensive Reading Programs in Primary/Secondary Schools in Nepal (Ann Mayeda)
Gamifying Extensive Reading Program (Joel Meniado)
Getting students reading – introducing MReader into a university foundation program. (Kate Tindle)
How Extensive Reading was Introduced into a Unified Curriculum for Science and Technology: A Success Story at a Japanese (Barry Keith)
Literacy City: Approaches to Build Students’ Reading Habit through Extensive Reading in Indonesia (Ahmad Prawiranegara)
Motivating Learners in a Large Extensive Reading Program (Andy H Clark et al)
Optimizing the effectiveness of an extensive reading program: A case study of M-reader with Emirati learners (Amanda Bradford)
Project of an Extensive Reading Course for Brazilian Languages and Literature Teachers In-service (Roberta Ciocari)
Raising a biliterate child in Japan: A case study of a bicultural family (Sanborn Brown et al)
Setting Up a new UK Ireland Affiliate (Thomas Le Seelleur)
Student-created Reading Materials in university Spanish courses (Jane Hardy)
The Effect of Extensive Reading on L2 Writing (Sarah Warfield)
The hare and the tortoise – How students approach mReader word goals (B. Greg Dunne)
The poor cousin? Extensive Listening (Rob Waring)
The Reciprocal Effects between Extensive Reading and Vocabulary Learning (Dar-Wu Chen)
University Reading Practices at the Beginning of an Extensive Reading Program: A study with Mexican learners (Amelia Hernandez Grande et al)
Use of extensive reading and M-Reader in a pre-university English program (Michael J. Joyce et al)
Using comics to improve Chinese reading skills by Mexican undergraduate students (Jose Alfredo Jimenez Hernandez)
Using Reading Materials to Enhance Speaking in Class (Jelena Matic)
What Does “Pleasure of Extensive Reading” Actually Means to Students? (Emiko Rachi et al)

Poster Sessions

Public Libraries Support ER of Adult EFL Learners in Japan (Hitoshi Nishizawa et al)
Implementing Extensive Reading in Japanese as L2 Environment: A Case Using Facebook to Build a Reading Community (Teiko Nakano)


Implementing ER under difficult circumstances (ERWC3 Scholars: Amelia Hernandez, Carmen Castillo, Carmen Neagu, Navinder Kaur, Roberta Ciocari, Vuong Ho)
Power of One (Thomas Le Seelleur)
Pre-service teachers as Extensive Reading teachers: Research on materials, teaching strategies and beliefs (Rebeca Elena Tapia Carlin et al)
Writing Graded Readers (Rob Waring, Julie Till, Janet Olearski, Adam Gray, Lesley Ito)