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Annotated Bibliography of Works on Extensive Reading in a Second Language
Accessed December 9, 2022

Thomas N. Robb, George M. Jacobs, Rob Waring, Willy A. Renandya, Stuart McLean, Meng Huat Chau, Jason Kok Khiang Loh

This bibliography contains abstracts of over 700 books, articles, research studies and dissertations related to the use of extensive reading in second/foreign language education. The abstracts are from the published source unless otherwise indicated. There is a link to the complete item if it is available electronically.

To make it easier to find material on topics of interest, each work has been assigned to one or more of 25 subject categories that range from "Adapting texts" and "Affect" to "Writing" and "Younger Learners" (Recently added category: "Internet and other electronic media").
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  • To view abstracts on topics of interest, use the subject index (in which all the abstracts have been assigned to one or more of 20 subject categories).
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